Maternity ♡ Newborn Photography

"You can't take a picture with just one camera.
You bring to it all the pictures you have seen,
books read, music heard,
people they loved..."

Ansel Adams, American artist


Good afternoon, my name is Anastasia Gurynenko, I am a pregnancy, newborn and maternity photographer from Kyiv

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I started doing photography more than 4 years ago, it was a hobby for me, but now I turned my hobby into a profession and I am very grateful that it happened that way.

In the last year I have focused on photography of pregnancy, motherhood and newborn babies.

I am happy that I have the opportunity to take pictures that your children, relatives and loved ones will look at for many years.

Constantly improving your knowledge makes it possible to make each photo shoot unique ♡


I express immense gratitude to my teachers-mentors, who help me follow my creative path calmly and confidently.


I was lucky to learn from such masters:


  • Kyiv School of Photography (Kyiv, since 2000): Kostyantyn Sova, Igor Chervonenko, Igor Bakbardin, Sergey Galushka, Dmytro Sakharov, Dmytro Bogachuk, Dmytro Khoroshaev - I thank all the teachers for the powerful base and faith in me
  • Oleksandr Ktitorchuk (Kyiv, photography experience over 30 years) - thank you for the depth of understanding of the psychology of portraiture and the psychology of photography in general
  • Natalia Ignatova (Vancouver, more than 10 years of experience in newborn photography) - thank you for the strongest base of newborn photography, more than 100 hours of theoretical and practical training
  • Hanna Timofeeva (Russia, more than 10 years of work experience) - a pediatrician, thank you for the knowledge about choosing safe poses when working with a baby. After the training, I will say one thing - I AM ONLY FOR SAFE BABY POSES, I will not do any pose that could even slightly harm the baby!
  • Lilia Lubenkova (Canada, more than 5 years of photography experience) - a photographer who showed me the beauty of pregnancy photography, discovered "Elegant motherhood", "Beautiful motherhood" for me and taught me this type of shooting, thank you for teaching
  • Nataliya Gorbachenko (Kyiv, more than 10 years of experience in newborn photography) - my first practice teacher in newborn photography, practical work, thank you for your strong dedication, love for your work, generosity in sharing knowledge and faith in me
  • Julia Pustovit (Dnipro, more than 7 years of teaching experience) - my teacher of structured, step-by-step photo retouching
  • Anton Zabelskyi (Kyiv, more than 10 years of work experience) - learning to work with various light sources
  • Luiza Avetisyan (Kyiv, more than 5 years of photography experience) is a photographer who demonstrated the beauty of the Fashion minimal style in practice in pregnancy photography, and perfectly taught how to work with pulsed light. Thank you for your knowledge, for your generosity and availability in education and for believing in me.

And many other teachers with whom I studied and will still attend workshops and master classes