Maternity ♡ Newborn Photography

Newborn photography is one of the most difficult types of photography.

I like to photograph babies when they are awake, when you can see and catch the emotions of the baby. Also, I prefer the Natural style for a photo session, which means that the photos will be as natural as possible, there will be a minimum of props and more emphasis on the baby.

This type of shooting requires certain conditions and rules. Below I will try to describe as much as possible everything you need to know before starting a photo shoot. If I missed any important points, you can always call me back or write me in a convenient way and I will answer all your questions.

Where is the best place to hold a photo session?

in the studio:

I recommend photographing newborn babies in a specially equipped newborn studio. In such a place, the most comfortable conditions have been created for the baby, mother and photographer..

  • In the studio, everything will be ready for your arrival and you do not need to worry about organizational moments

  • There is a place for feeding and changing the baby

  • There is a place for mom and dad to relax

  • The studio will immediately have the necessary temperature for the baby's comfort when we undress him

  • Since the temperature will be around 27 degrees, I recommend that parents take spare light things so that they can feel comfortable

  • The duration of the photo session in the studio is 2-4 hours, taking into account the feeding of the baby

At home:

The second option for a photo shoot is shooting at your home. I do most of the photos with natural light, so we'll start with the lighting you have in your room. I will come to you with a bin-bag (a large shooting pillow) and a stand for outdoor photo shoots. For shooting at home, you will have to take care of the following points:

  • Preferably, there should be a large window or sliding glass door that lets in a lot of light.
  • A minimum of 2*2 meters of free space is a must
  • The temperature in the room should be 27-30 degrees

  • The duration of the photo session at home is 3-6 hours, taking into account the time for feeding the baby and the time for preparing the workspace


Preferred shooting time

The preferred time for shooting is the first half of the day

On the day of the shooting, I recommend not planning important things and activities

How to prepare a baby

A child can sense if mom or dad is stressed or nervous

The most important thing parents can do during the shoot is to stay calm, enjoy the process and be ready to reassure your little one


Shooting of a mother with a baby, with a father and older children

Once I read an amazing phrase on social networks from an adult woman, which I want to share with you: "My favorite photo is the one where my mother is holding my three-month-old me in her arms🥰 Mom is 16, she is beautiful!" For me, this phrase is about something amazing that we don't immediately think about. Therefore, I included in all package offers, a photo shoot with parents, I really want you to have such photos and let it seem to you now that you do not look as attractive as you would like, but in many years your child will look at these photos with a huge thanks to you

What do you need to take to a photo shoot?

For the baby:

  • 4-6 diapers
  • disposable diapers 2 pcs
  • ordinary diapers 2 pcs
  • wet wipes
  • nipple, preferably 2 if one falls off
  • if the baby is on artificial feeding, take the mixture with you for several feedings
  • if the baby is breastfed, express the milk in a bottle - it is not necessary, but it will speed up the shooting process
  • anti-colic medication (espumizan or another drug recommended by the doctor)
  • Importantly! Do not wear clothes that can be removed over the baby's head, a light overall is what is needed

For parents:

  • Mom should not eat spicy or irritating food during the day and on the day of the shooting
  • feed the baby before starting the shooting
  • to take simple, light clothes, without drawings, to all participants of the shooting for general photos

Important points:

  • I never plan two shoots in one day

  • Children cry and fuss - it's normal. We can pump, feed and soothe the baby as much as needed, we have enough time for this

  • I will not post a photo of the baby on my social media unless you give your consent