Maternity ♡ Newborn Photography


My love is elegant, stylish pregnancy and motherhood. Such shootings are always a therapy of happiness for every woman.

I am absolutely sure that every woman deserves to have beautiful and timeless portraits.

Women, especially during pregnancy and motherhood, do not always feel well and experience the changes occurring in their body. They can feel uncomfortable, tired and just plain cute.

I love helping women see their beauty and feel inspired, gorgeous, confident and proud of themselves!

I shoot in the most beautiful studios in Kyiv, we will choose the place and time of shooting together with you.

Where does the shooting take place?


1. I have several favorite studios in Kyiv, we will choose the most beautiful hall just for you

2. If the weather permits, we can shoot outdoors

THE BEST TIME for a pregnancy photo session

The best time for a photo shoot is from 24 to 35 weeks of pregnancy. During this period, the tummy has the most rounded shape. After the 35th week, you may find it more difficult as the baby will be quite big, although I have experience shooting tummies at 38 weeks and we got great pictures. The best time for each woman individually

When to book a shoot

Book when it's convenient for you, my work is creativity, so we will always find time for your photo session. But if you want to make an appointment for a specific date and time, I recommend booking the shooting date as early as possible and then I will do my best to hold a photo shoot on that day

Can a husband and children be present at the shooting?

Of course! Your spouse can join you during the photo shoot. If you have older children, we will be happy to take some family photos to preserve such a special moment in your life!


So. I have made special wonderful dresses, skirts, tops for a photo shoot. Also, there are stylish high-heeled shoes and various accessories. All things after the photo session are wiped with a special ecological, anti-allergenic powder for your safety. You can also take your things to the photo shoot

How to prepare for a photo shoot

I always recommend meeting before the photo shoot. I take all the clothes and come to you. We measure, look and choose the best. Also, we measure what you have, if you want to take a photo in your outfit. We will discuss ideas for posing, lighting, wardrobe and style. This is necessary in order for your ideas, expectations, and desires to become reality

What you need on the day of the shoot:

  • Try not to wear tight underwear and clothes on the day of the shoot so that there are no marks on the skin
  • Get a manicure and pedicure a day or two before the shooting in nude shades



My task is to make you the most beautiful on this day. So you don't need to worry at all. Professional photo retouching is included in the photo session. I do photo retouching myself, I also work with the best retouchers who will make everything as natural as possible and to your taste


I'll show you every move, every pose to accentuate your curves and your figure to make you look your best. Even if it is your first time shooting, you will feel comfortable, relaxed and relaxed. My task is to reflect your beauty in the most beautiful pregnancy

Do the photos have to be nude?

Not at all. If you want to show your beautiful body without clothes, I will only support you and we will take the most beautiful pictures. Everything will depend on your wishes, some prefer silhouette, simple nude photos and photos in silk fabric, while others prefer to be fully clothed.

Do you need makeup or hair?

All my package offers include the services of a make-up artist. I insist that you have beautiful hair and beautiful makeup on the day of the shoot, this will make the photos much more beautiful and you will be confident in the result of the photo shoot. My stylist will create the most natural look or image according to your wishes. You can call your make-up artist-stylist, in this case the cost of the package will be cheaper by UAH 500.


WHEN the photos will be ready?

I always recommend choosing photos for retouching immediately after the photo session, in this case your photos will be ready within 2 weeks.