Maternity ♡ Newborn Photography

When I was developing package offers, I set myself an important task:

to make the photo session as comfortable and peaceful as possible for you and your baby.

And it doesn't matter which package you choose - everything will be done as comfortably as possible for you.
I will always be in touch with you and ready to help.


If you only need the services of a photographer, without additional printed products,

the cost of my services is $150 / hour, $200 / 2 hours, $280 / 3 hours

the rent of the newborn studio is paid separately - UAH 1,200

also, shooting at your home is possible

(an important condition when shooting at your home: the presence of a large window and min. 2*2 square meters of free space near the window)

For 1 hour of shooting, you will receive 8 processed photos and all successful footage

Price Newborn Gurinenko Anastasia en