Maternity ♡ Newborn Photography

A team of people who support and inspire me

A team with which we all have one goal

♡ People who are 100% engaged in what they love ♡

Dasha ZakharchenkoDasha Zaharchenko

My right hand♡ 

Dashenka is a person who helps me and you before shooting, during shooting and after shooting

My reliable right hand, the person with whom I consult in moments of doubt

♡ A girl who sees everything down to the smallest details ♡


Zhanna Amirkhanyan

amirhanyan janna 1

Fairy of beauty ♡ 

A wonderful make-up artist-stylist with whom we have been creating beauty for over 5 years

♡ A girl who practices the magic of beauty and gets pleasure from it ♡


Anastasia Moroz

Anastasia Moroz


A talented designer who brings any of our ideas to life

It is with her that we communicate, think of images, draw sketches and only then Nastyusha starts

to magically sew everything that we invented

♡ By the way, we can always sew an individual outfit for a shoot just for you ♡